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Welcome to Kiddie Canvas, your site for custom artwork that inspires, delights and tickles the child in each of us!

Almost from birth, children are filled with creativity, imagination, silliness and fun... and a love of bright colors too! Kiddie Canvas specializes in custom artwork for the little ones in your life, to foster their budding affection for all things artistic and whimsical. Artist Kim Lee designs and creates bright paintings suitable for any child's nursery, bedroom or playroom... starting with yours!

Begin your journey into creativity by taking a look at the Gallery. Once you've seen what can be done (and what's currently available!), contact Kiddie Canvas to commission your own one-of-a-kind painting. You'll specify your favorite colors, animals and activities - or even a particular bedding set or room décor to match - and Kim will do the rest!

Now, put on your thinking cap... it's time to get creative!